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Written by Ms. Đào Thị Thủy – School’s Vice-Principal – Translated by Dang Hai – School officer.
The Doan Thi Diem Primary school is one of the first non-public schoolsl in Hanoi capital of Vietnam. Over the 15 years, the school has invested all resources, used a variety of effective management solutions that following 8 elements have been considered as 8 supporting pillars creating the achievements today.
1. Building strategic development in accordance with the needs of society.
The development principles of the school are: Be Pioneers; Be Ahead; Be Innovators.
Clear and accurate development strategy of the school is like a red thread directing the development process and activities. Therefore, after 15 years, the number of students has increased both in quantity and quality.
2. Continuously improving the team quality
Right from the beginning, the school leaders have reiterated that the quality of the team (teachers and staff) is crucial for success. So, the school has always focused on developing the human resource, starting from recruitment policies. The school regularly conducts training and building capacity of teachers and staff during academic year and summer time. In addition to professional trainings, the teachers and staff are also trained on professional ethics, pedagogical skills, management skills, etc. The team of teachers is often given priority in training as they are the direct contact in educating the students.
3. Constantly improving the curriculum to ensure comprehensive, quality education for students
Doan Thi Diem fully implements the content and program stipulated by the Ministry of Education. However, to set this school apart from others in reputation and quality, the school has compiled more teaching projects suitable for students, enabling them to be selected in the enrollment into the Lower Secondary Schools of high-reputation in the capital.
The school has a variety of subjects taught to nurture the talents of students. These include foreign languages, basic and advanced computing skills, taekwondo, organ lessons, aerobic, dance sport, arts, and swimming, etc. The school also trains mathematics and science subjects in English, opens international class “Cambridge”, and continue implementing the project "Enhancing French language and in French" of the Ministry of Education and Training.
4. Increased investment in infrastructure to meet the needs of education and teaching; organizing boarding and transport services to and fro school for students.
Facilities (schools, supplies, facilities, teaching equipment) are essential for effective teaching process.
Yearly, the school invests several billions on upgrading, repairing, purchasing new facilities to meet the requirements of teaching and learning, physical exercise, nutrition, rest and the improvement health for students.
All these investments are aimed to build a school of comprehensive modern education that is to regional and international standards.
The school has signed long-term contracts with companies providing car transportation for students. Daily, nearly 40 cars taking students from and transporting them to hundreds places in the city and surrounding areas.
5. Building specific cultural values of the school
The school considers building specific cultural values essential to establish good teaching and learning discipline This develops a good sense of discipline, positive attitude, initiative and passion for learning in our students; Teachers are passionate for their profession and a have a high sense of responsibility for the work assigned; The teachers' team always has large consensus that creates a positive and friendly environment, improving the quality of comprehensive education, increasing the school's reputation.
6. Building positive relationships with schools and educational groups of countries with high education standards in the world.
One of the measures to expedite the process of mainstreaming the school in society is through collaborations with the well-known schools internationally. This helps to maintain an advanced education mechanism in the world. Through expanding cooperation, exchanging information, sharing experiences to approach modern education and advanced teaching management, it distinctly sets the school, while creating a healthy competition in the education system.
To date, the school has good relationship with schools and institutions in France, Belgium, Japan, USA, Australia, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, and Nepal.
Many students have participated in study visits to foreign countries. The school often receives many groups of teachers and students coming to visit too. Especially in recent times, the school has joined with some schools overseas to train teachers and create learning opportunities for students within Vietnam and abroad.
7. Organizing social and charity activities to develop character in children.
The school has organized many activities outside of class hours such as camping, exploring the villages, doing traditional craft, visiting historical places, experiencing practices, doing charity, exploring cultural and art, doing sports activities, attending summer study at home and abroad ...
Those interesting and significant activities have helped students understand improve general knowledge, create trust, stimulate creativity, spurring children to achieve their potentials.
8. Actively organizing socialized-education activities
The operation mechanism of the non-public schools is through socialized education, i.e mobilizing all resources, encouraging the support of individuals and social organizations to help improve the educational activities of the school.
Also, the school identified its responsibility to organize and participate actively in the activities supporting social development.
Over the last 15 years, Doan Thi Diem Primary School have maintained well the relationship between School, Family, and Society, that has contributed to building and strengthening the reputation of the school.

With passion and tireless efforts, after 15 years of establishment and development, Doan Thi Diem primary school has created a distinct image of comprehensive education quality in compare with other schools. This has been confirmed by thousands of national and international prizes;
For many consecutive years, the school received the City Prize Emulation Flag granted by the Ministry of Education and Training, and received the Merit Certificate granted by the Prime Minister. In 2009 - 2010, the school was honored to receive the Third Class Labor Medal. But the most valuable reward for the school is the trust in school of students and parents.
Building the Brand Name of the school is really difficult, but maintaining and developing the brand is even harder. The school has successfully overcome the primary journey which was full of hardship; it will continue to innovate in order to have Doan Thi Diem Primary School Brand sounding, shining forever in the capital education system, being worthy of the trust and love from generations of students and parents.
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