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Writen by Ms. Nguyen Thi Hien –Principal of Doan Thi Diem Primary School Translated by Dang Hai – School officer
Doan Thi Diem primary school – A school of Dreams and Compassion was built on the basis of democracy, discipline, compassion, responsibility, friendly atmosphere, cooperation, trust and respect, with enthusiasm and innovative educational thinking.
- The knowledge economy and the process of globalization have increased the learning needs and facilitate international cooperation in education.
- The schools often receive the care, guidance, support, help, encouragement of the leading levels, and the interest from parents and society.
- Our staff and teachers are professional, dynamic, united, kind, and devoted to their profession and the school.
- The school has partnerships with many schools and reputed educational groups in the region and worldwide.
- The school has spacious infrastructure and facilities supporting all activities of the school, equipped with modern facilities reaching international standards to ensures a friendly learning environment
- The demand of seats for students exceeds the capacity and scale of the school.
- Growing competition with the domestic and foreign schools in terms of training content and methods.
- Constant need for change and development to keep in pace with the needs of the society.
- To accomplish the mission and to develop sustainably, the school needs high-quality human resources; and flexible management mechanism and enabling environment to encourage flexibility, innovation and creativity.
Development strategy
The core values of the school are foundational in gaining comprehensive knowledge, dignity, current academic knowledge and international integration capabilities.
The school encourages a sense of responsibility, dynamic, creativity, innovation, honest living skills, learning and teaching in a multicultural and competitive society to contribute to education and the development of the country through educating and training in a comprehensive knowledge base for the young generation.
The school develops and nurtures the talents of students, educate them to be intellectual with charismatic personality, international integration capabilities; creating a resource with high-quality to meet the requirements of society.
In the future, the Doan Thi Diem Primary School strives to become an inter-system with high quality and reputation within the country and region in terms of education and training on comprehensive common education, focusing on child’s capacity development and nurture; growing towards an international standard-oriented.
Education and Training Quality
To ensure the quality of comprehensive education to train Vietnamese individuals and developing them in ethics, knowledge, health, aesthetics, ideals, ambitions; Form and nurture the character, qualities and the capacity of citizens to meet the needs of the era and society.
- Implementation of educational programs stipulated by the Ministry of Education and Training.
- Increased training on elective subjects to develop talent.
- Teach and learn the international foreign language programs (international joint training program).
- Increase extracurricular activities.
- Encourage and create opportunities for international exchange activities towards a global learning environment.
Team of teachers and staff
* Recruit qualified teachers and staff; regularly train them to be united, kind, dynamic, skillful and professional; devoted to their profession and school and passionate for children.
* Train the teachers to have sufficient knowledge and skills, be creative, capable and ready to access new knowledge; promote all the spirit of excellence among teachers to bring something new to the students.
Increased investment in building with sophisticated and modern equipment complying with international standards at the premises of the school.
- Friendly classrooms.
- Sophisticated teaching techniques
- Sufficient specialised rooms.
- Extracurricular Activity
- Pay attention to organize extracurricular activities with practical and diversified forms effectively.
- Improve the quality and approaches organizing clubs to discover and foster talented, gifted students.
- Collaborate with the education centers to train soft skills for students, develop and nurture the character of students.
7. International Cooperation
* Continue to develop, maintain and expand relationships with the well-known organizations, schools, education groups internationally to improve the quality of education and training of the school.
* Promoting the tradition of 15-year building and growing with the achievements and new way of thinking, new elements, new approaches matching with the development and the needs of society, Doan Thi Diem Primary school believes that the school will do far better, hence fulfill the expectation and trust of students, parents and society; making the school worthy to the frame "The School of Dreams and Compassion"
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