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(Written by Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong - Vice Principal -Translated by Dang Hai – DTD officer)
May is so beautiful in the memory of each member of Doan Thi Diem school. It was not only May recalling the faces and smiles of friends, of the unnamed feelings but vulnerable enough to burst out... 7 seasons of May Flowershave passed with 7 different feelings as 7 tunes rhythming.
In May 1999, I was a new graduate teacher teaching at class 1 at the dormitory of the Hanoi Foreign Language Teachers Training College. May came and everyone was excited discussing, findin out songs and topics for the cultural festival at the end of the year. I was also gone with  that hustle. After three weeks practicing the items composed by ourselves, we imposingly rushed into the Youth Theatre to perform our works. Fourteen classes, with all 14 amazing songs, dances, music, dramas in French and English, had made very strong impression. Those days, the performance was not named.
On May29th 2001, it rained cats and dogs, our four hundred little  actors and actresses  were anxious waiting to the time we could perform. When the velvet curtain of the stage was opened, the  crowd in the room of the Hanoi Friendship Culture Palace busted out before a bright and sparkling stage. After the name of the performance "Festival of May Flowers” was intoned, every people joyfully immersed in the colorful music party.
Through all the last days of May 2003, I also heard singing, boisterous music in any place I visited in the school. In our difficult circumstances, our classes shared narrow spaces of the school courtyard, radio cassette or the spare time to practise ... The quality of that Festival II was improved when some classes invited professional artists to give instruction and help in performance design.  In the evening of May 28th, it rained again like pouring water. It  seemed that the God was only happy with his work and not concerning about our nearly five hundred students. The lovely faces with  red lips and pink cheeks of the children kept looking at the sky, worrying that the audience would not come. 
 Not making “the little actors and actress” disappointed, more than 500 seats of the Hanoi Friendship Culture Palace were full of audience with cameras, camcorders flashing everywhere. The performance took the audience from surprise to surprise: the songs in French, English and  Vietnamese were together; the drama “The Confucian scholar does teaching” performed by class 3, or the dance “Mua sap” performed by class 4, each item had its own charming ... We did our best for a successful night-performance. Headlines about “Doan Thi Diem school’s Festival of May Flowers” appeared next day on daily newspaper.
May Flower Festival III in 2005 was an event to celebrate our new schoolbuilding. That “May Flowers event” was really raised to a new high level when we invited Mr.Tran Quoc Tuan-the artist, to be general director of the festival. But this time, the Hanoi Friendship Palace did not allow us to hire it for holding the festival because in last May Flower festival, it lost dozens of chairs and some doors because of our enthusiastic and crowded audience. At last, we decided to take the Sport palace “Quan Ngua”, which has much bigger capacity. Probably that was our hardest night –performance. In the large space of the palace, nearly one thousand “little actors and actresses" were free to run back and forth. Sometimes, there was an "actor" or “actress” missing so the teacher in charge had to rush to find him or her. In the palace, the children were too active but when they appeared on stage, every child was very beautiful and bright, and they performed their best. After two hours, our teachers were exhausted like we had just been fighting. . But, the naïve smiles of children , the thanks from the parents, and the praising articles on the next day newspapers made us forget all the hard work to say to one another:  “We will continue in the next two years…”
In May 2007, we began the fourth season of May Flowers with the mission, named "Doan Thi Diem’s Ten Years Anniversary". Again the hardworking days, the meetings for hours, but just like a habit, when May comes, the energy in each of us seems endless. The breaking news, that our program this time would be held at the National Conference Center, became a new pressure for us. Artist Quoc Tuan, with the strict demand of a professional,  requested high quality of each performance as well as the diversity of the whole program. Therefore, that time our “Festival of May Flowers” had a significant change of content. In addition to the familiar performances of songs, dances, music, dramas… the program had more martial arts, aerobics,  and of course it always ends with a traditional dance named “Mua Sap”.  In the last evening of that May, like it is our fate, it rained again, however 3500 seats of the Great Hall of the National Convention Center were full of audience.  More amazing, between the performances, a group of student of the first enrollment of the school suddenly came to the front to offer flowers to Ms. Hien – the Principal of our school, then all joined hands to sing the school song: "Oh dear school, dear hard-work teachers ... Oh dear friends, though we are far away, we always miss the dayswe were together in this school, our lovely Doan Thi Diem school". The lyrics resounded over the hall, and many tears dropped.
In May 2009, everything was easier because we have got used to the big stage, and big number of performers raising up to thousands. Some services have started operating to benefit from  our program: the costume rental shops wanted our school to become their close customer. the doll’s black shoes market got hot as the need had increased up to thousands of pairs. Parents and teachers were eager to participate in  the performance.  The performance of this year was more attractive by more dance sport and ballet in the rhythm of piano. The program became more fresh when the teachers aged 40 - 50 took hands of students to sing and dance together. The program ended with 1,500 performers appearing on stage. It was really a party of bright and sparkling colors.
And now, at the moment of writing this, the May Flowers Festival VI with 1700 actors and actresses and two halls containing nearly five thousand seats, has also been successfully performed as the art  and professionalism in our event-organizing skills has reached to high level. Now, our primary school teachers are able to organize a night-show, write skits and compose music by ourselves,  like a professional theater.

For us, all May Flowers Seasons are the most successful and brilliant flowers seasons. “Festival of May Flowers” is a full report on the quality of the school’s comprehensive education. I would like to thank  Mr.Tran Quoc Tuan – The artist of the Vietnamese Musical Theatre, who has  joined us for over the last ten years. Our thanks also go to the students’ parents – our passionate and loyal audiences.  May, the month of the burning fire of enthusiasm, the month of sharing love. The May Flowers Seasons, the seasons for expressing gratitude.

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